I have received dozens of comments like: "Your holistic blend of herbs has strengthen my body in a matter of weeks. Thanks for introducing me to Tahitian Noni juice which I purchased at the website www.TNI.com/RevMagora I learned a lot. Thank you for taking care of the members in my network too by creating a fantastic fund raiser for us. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I can’t imagine having planned the event without you.”
Coco, President of House of Romance NetworkRevelations Now African Temple/Goddess Awareness prides our self on superior customer service, satisfaction guarantee and quality holistic products. We are available for:-Goddess awareness classes-Health & Wellness seminars-Spiritual Blessings (home/office)-Dream Interpretations-Healing Massage Therapy-Matrimonial Ceremonies-Travel Services-Organic Goddess Kisses snackscall today for assistance at (917) 816-5442 or email: revmagora@gmail.com
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