Reverend Magora E. Kennedy was born on Septemeber 22, 1938 in Albany, New York. Raised in Saratoga, NY this 70 year old great grandmother, grandmother, mother and friend to hundreds is constantly on the move.

Educated at Boston University and Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut and began her career as a lecturer, teacher and historian teaching African History/Herstory and God/Goddess, King/Queen connection.

In addition, Reverend Magora is an herbologist and holistic healer and created the "Blockbuster" an herbal remedy designed to clean the system and get rid of toxins and old fecal matter in the intestines. Her organic line of Tahitian Noni juice and Tahitian Noni products for the body assist in her therapeutic healing sessions and massage therapy treatments while norishing the body with chemical free "nutrients. check out the website at: for product information.

Reverend Magora firmly believes "In order to be wealthy you must be healthy". As a civil rights and gay activists and a fighter in life's ups and downs, her motto continues to guide her to assisting others with their struggles and offering her services worldwide.